Automatic Weather Station

Get real time weather data over cloud and mobile



IMD Standards

Yuktix AWS sensor range and resolutions are better than Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) recommendations.

Solar Powered

Option to go completely off-grid, running on solar energy. Install the station anywhere.

Rugged. Field Tested

These stations have been running day in and out, in rain and
tthunderstorms transmitting data every 3 minutes. Where you have weak
signals, you can fall back on sending data through SMS.

Cost Competitive

We provide ruggedized and field-tested weather stations for a
fraction of cost of the competition.


Whether you have one station or hundreds, see them at a glance and
access data from a central dashboard.

Real Time

The stations can transmit data every 3 minutes. That makes it possible
to capture real time variables like rain intensity

Subscription Based

Data access and archiving is subscription based, a pay as you go
model. No need for upfront capital investments.

Data Archives

We maintain daily archive of raw data for your own analysis. Download
and load data in excel.

Go Automatic

Get rid of tedious manual reporting processes. Download all the
required data on one click of a button.

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What does it look like?

What is in the box?

  • Logger Box or the "station"
  • Tipping Rain bucket
  • Solar radiation shield
  • Base station has Rain,Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure sensors
  • More sensors can be added on demand. Please see the sensors catalog and specifications.
  • IP66/IP65 Weatherproof box
  • Solar power kit

Watch it in Action


Plotting data points from sensors into real time data graphs for the past 6 hours. High density climate information in the for of for daily and weekly weather graphs.


Download your data into pdf or excel format. Yuktix is compliant with the IMD baseline standards of reporting weather data.

Mobile App

We have also developed the Yuktix Weather app for accessing to the real time weather data any time from anywhere.

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