About Us

Yuktix Technologies was founded in October 2013. We have been working to create indigenous remote monitoring solutions for emergent markets. We provide data capture and communication solutions for remote monitoring and environment sensing.

Yuktix Team

Rajeev Jha

Rajeev worked for Oracle, AOL, Everypath, Indegene and Citrix. Prior to Yuktix, he was working on another venture Favsales that was to enable payments...

Ashok Kumar Verma
Hardware Design

Ashok Verma is a 1980 IIT Kanpur graduate. He started his career with Philips and then turned entrepreneur. He has 35 years of experience...

Arun Verma
VP, Operations

Arun is a 1990 IIT Kanpur graduate. He worked for APC, Schneider and challenging government projects at Indian Telephone Industry (ITI) before joining Yuktix....

Shailendra Singh

Embedded Engineer from UPTU, Lucknow currently at  Yuktix. He is a robotics and UAV Enthusiast, a DIY enthusiast and was Part of Department of Defense...

Why Yuktix?

Hardware is essentially a fragmented market and no single device can fit all use-cases. This means that device manufacturers will have to stick to specific domains and use-cases. With Yuktix we are breaking the entry barrier to sensor based data capture in any domain as we have developed IPs that can be used as ingredients to create multiple solution templates. Using our Sensor catalog, Yuktix IP and our hardware expertise, we can practically solve all data capture problems.

What this means?

This means that all the use cases for which people were earlier dependent on specialized hardware device manufacturers (who were either unapproachable or prohibitively expensive) and wherein customization meant escalated costs, can now be easily accomplished using the Yuktix device IP. This also means that we shorten your development time for futuristic data-capture use-cases lie deploying wireless sensor network, off-grid data-capture. You can explore our PCB from here.

But my data is in a remote unapproachable region with harsh terrain !

No worries! Yuktix device also has a solar powered option that can store data locally and transmit it via GSM/GPRS to the cloud from where you can access it from anywhere anytime. Our solutions are truly off-grid and weather-proof and tested for extreme conditions like storm, sun and hail. Talk to us about your specific requirement.

All that is fine, but there is no GSM network connectivity from where I want to collect the data…

In that case, you are talking to absolutely the right people. We can either draw a wired line from your remote site to a place where there is GSM network connectivity or lay down a Zigbee based wireless sensor network to relay the data to a location where there is network connectivity. The solution depends on your specific requirement and we are the people who can architect it for you.

Very well. But that is not very new. I know X and Y and Z who say that they can do the same.

True, but can the same vendor provide you with a mashup of wired and wireless communication options with solar based off-grid weather proof data capture? Do they provide free bundled cloud subscription and mobile app? And do they provide out-of the box connectors for third party device clouds like Xively? No? We thought not too. The existing solution vendors and system integrators who do have the expertise to cobble up solutions on demand will eat up your precious time and also burn a hole in your pocket, not to mention the additional import costs if you are in India. And when you would require custom hardware solutions, the cost of your research effort and unavailability of hardware solutions in budget would prove to be a major deterrent.