Crop Disease Prevention

Pathogens thrive in certain weather conditions. The occurance of pests in crops can be predicted my monitoring variables such as leaf wetness, temperature, humidity and thus appropriate amounts of pesticides could be sprayed  at appropriate times. Access to right weather data and pathogen life cycle can predict diseases in crops, e.g. mildew worms in grapes. Right prediction models can solve the problem of pesticide residue in agriculture produce.

Smart Greenhouse

Yuktix provides sensors based smart devices for climate control and precision agriculture which can measure climate variables inside the greenhouse and control light (Lux), humidity, temperature, water pumps, cooling pads and shade nets inside your greenhouse to maintain ideal climate conditions.

Yuktix has developed a device along with a compatible sensor catalog to monitor environment variables inside greenhouses. Our device can interface to Temperature, Humidity, Lux, Soil Temperature and Moisture, CO2, Leaf wetness and soil pH etc. sensors. A greenhouse operator can monitor environmental conditions inside the greenhouse from anywhere on a mobile device. We provide cellular and long range radio (wireless) communication options.




Post Harvest Monitoring and Remote Management

A large part of agricultural produce is stored to meet future demand. To keep the produce safe from diseases and changing weather patterns, it is kept in climate controlled environments. IoT enabled WSN solutions can be deployed in the storehouses to monitor the variables that may alter the ripening pattern of any produce and automate preventative measures.

A WSM based post harvest solution would comprise of sensors and transmitters spread across the chamber that house the agricultural produce, communicating with each other and to a gateway over Zigbee. This gateway in turn would be connected to a controller that can control various storehouse mechanisms based on the internal conditions, for example, operate fans and vents in ethylene concentration exceed prescribed levels.