Remote Monitoring and Control

Making remote monitoring and control easier. Yuktix provides solutions to view and control remote devices deployed over a large area. Access and control your devices from anywhere anytime.

Automatic Weather Station

Indigenous (Made in India) solar powered weather stations that are capable of providing data in real time to your mobile. Know real weather conditions from anywhere. Run AgriMet, disease advisory and custom data analysis to produce results on the spot.

Greenhouse Automation

Yuktix provides sensors based smart devices for climate control and precision agriculture. Yuktix devices can control light (Lux), humidity, temperature, water pumps, cooling pads and shade nets inside your greenhouse to maintain ideal climate conditions.

Wireless Data-logger

Yuktix wireless data loggers help you monitor variables like temperature, humidity, Lux Pressure, PAR, solar power efficiency etc. from any where on your mobile and on website. Get messages and email as variables move beyond prescribed range.

Yuktix cloud can help you control devices over the Internet and on cellular networks. Yuktix can send commands to remote devices via SMS, Ethernet or GPRS. The commands are delivered as a bencode dictionary making it extremely easy to add new commands on the fly.