Making remote monitoring and control easier. Yuktix provides solutions to view and control remote devices deployed over a large area. Access and control your devices from anywhere anytime.

Remote monitoring

yuktix cloud

Yuktix cloud service makes it easy to monitor and analyze data from your devices deployed over a large area. Try Yuktix cloud now to see how it works.

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Data logger


Yuktix data logger is an electronic device that records data over time with inbuilt sensors or via external instruments. The data can be stored on a secure digital card or sent immediately over the network to a central server.

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Remote Control

oongli device

Yuktix cloud can help you control devices over the Internet and on cellular networks. Yuktix can send commands to remote devices via SMS, ethernet, wi-Fi or GPRS. The commands are delivered as a bencode dictionary making it extremely easy to add new commands on the fly.

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