Sense. Connect

  • Capture physical data from a wide variety of sensors from our sensor catalog
  • Transfer data over GSM, Zigbee, EThernet, GPRS to the cloud
  • Run on solar power. Do off-grid sensing.
  • Access a unified view of all your installations from anywhere
  • Get your data over third party device clouds like Xively





Precision agriculture solutions from farm to warehouse across open fields as well as greenhouses.

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Monitor air quality, urban micro-climate, build smarter building systems and architect smarter cities around smarter data.

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Capture industrial data coming in from newly installed smart sensors or older industrial channels.

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Bangalore Open Weather Project

Indigenous solar powered weather stations that are capable of providing data in real time to your mobile. Know real weather conditions from anywhere. Run AgriMet, disease advisory and custom data analysis to produce results on the spot.


Get Actionable Data

  • Better data leads to better decisions
  • Data allows you to optimize processes that translates into cost savings
  • Get data that is missing right now
  • Access a unified view of all your installations from anywhere
  • Capture data, connect and control things remotely

Explore the PCB

  • Transmit and receive over GSM, Ethernet, ZigBee, USB and RS485
  • True off-grid with nodes transmitting on GSM and powered on solar
  • Make wireless sensor mesh networks Power devices in the wilderness using solar power option
  • On-board memory and processing.
  • Many GPIO pins to interface with multiple digital and analog devices and sensors.




Firmware and device libraries that support multiple connectivity options, local storage, protocol translations, and memory management on the board.



Manage your devices and data over the Yuktix device cloud. Provision and categorize devices, view trends, analyse data and set rule base alerts.


Android HMI

Use Android based HMI to monitor your data from your devices anywhere. The same app can be used to calibrate all Yuktix devices.