Air Quality Stations for Smart City

Yuktix Air Quality Stations for Smart Cities

Yuktix is developing industrial strength Air quality stations that can be deployed anywhere on grid power or off-grid power. We provide monitoring of all common pollutants in one box, e.g. particulate matters (suspended particles) PM 2.5 and PM10), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Ammonia (NH3).

Yuktix outdoor Air Quality units can send data on Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GSM (GPRS). We provide software for data collection from our units. You just need to install our software on a machine on network to start receiving data from multiple units. For you, the installation is as simple as turning on the power! You can also add weather sensors Temperature, Humidity, Light (Lux) and Ambient Noise sensor for traffic conditions.

  • Made in India Product

    Yuktix stations have been developed and made in Bengaluru, India.

  • Multiple ways to connect your station

    Yuktix stations can be connected over WiFi, Ethernet or GSM (GPRS) networks. GPRS works best for off-grid cases where cost of wiring would be high. Ethernet works best for City LAN. WiFi works best when WiFi access points are available.

  • Industrial Packaging for outdoor conditions

    IP65 packaging for outside weather conditions (Rain, Sunshine) and dusty conditions of India. The unit ensures circulation of air for sensors, traps big dust particles and comes with proper isolation between sensors. This means your unit keeps working day in and day out no matter where you keep it.


Cloud Ready

Yuktix Air quality stations are cloud ready. We provide our own dashboard for easy monitoring and out of the box integration. We also provide API level horizontal integration with other cloud services. That means you can receive the data from our stations.



Carbon Monoxide (CO), NoX (Nitrogen Dioxide) and SOX(Sulphur dioxide)
can be used to measure emissions from vehicles.

Yuktix ambient noise sensor is a (patent pending) design and it can be a cost
effective way to measure sound pollution and traffic noise in our cities.

PM 2.5, PM10 and Ozone sensors can be used to measure effects of pollution on
citizen health.

Temperature, Humidity and Ultra Violet (UV) sensors
can be used to measure weather parameters together with the
Air pollution parameters.

We help you measure your air quality!

Yuktix helps you get the right air pollution data from anytime, anywhere! Contact us today to monitor the air pollution in your City, inside commercial buildings for HVAC performance, inside hospitals and schools, for worker health and safety in your stencil room, warehouses and other industrial processes.

CO sensor SKU YCOACO sensor
Range: 0-300 ppm
Accuracy: +/- 3ppm
Repeatability: +/- 3% of reading
Long term output drift: <5% signal loss/year
Response: t(90) < 50 seconds
-10C to 50C
Mounting 1.5m-1.8, above floor
Humidity: 15-90% non-condensing
CO sensor SKU YCOBYCO2 CO sensor
Range: 0-1000 ppm
Repeatability: +/- 1% of reading
Response time: < 15 seconds
Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
Operating environment:
-40C to 70C
0-100% RH
CO2 sensor NDIR sensor
Range: 0-2000ppm
Repeatability: +/- 1% of reading
Accuracy: +/- 3% reading
Long term drift: < +/- 10ppm/year
Response time: < 10 sec
Operating environment: 0-50C
Suspended Particles (PM) or Dust sensorparticle size: approx. 1um (min.) - 10 um,
Range: concentration 0-28000 pcs/Litre or 8000 pcs/ 0.01CF
Operating condition: 0-45C, < 95% RH Max
Ambient NoiseA-weighted average & Peak output
Bandwidth: 20Hz - 20Khz ( -3db BANDWIDTH )
S/N Ratio : -90 db
Distortion : 0.01%
NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) SensorRange: 0-20 ppm
Repeatability: +/- 3% of reading
Response: < 15s typical
Operating range: -40 to 50C, 0-100% RH
SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) SensorRange: 0-20 ppm
Repeatability: +/- 3% of reading
Response: < 15s typical
Operating range: -30 to 50C, 0-100% RH
Ozone (O3) SensorRange: 0-20 ppm
Repeatability: +/- 3% of reading
Response: < 15s typical
Operating range: -30 to 50C, 0-100% RH

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