Wireless Data Logger

Yuktix wireless data loggers helps you monitor environment and equipment variables like temperature, humidity, Lux Pressure, PAR, solar power efficiency etc. from any where on your mobile and on website. Get messages and email as variables move beyond prescribed range.

GPRS enabled data loggers. Receive data automatically from anywhere.

Yuktix Loggers allow you to plug multiple analog, digital, 2-wire and 4-20mA sensors. IP-65 certified Weather proof enclosures. Solar powered (8-12W panels) or run from wall socket.

Multi-channel Data Logger

Yuktix Multichannel data-logger YDL-V1features 3 extra sensor channels with 3 already installed sensor channels (Temperature, Humidity and Lux). YDL-V1 can store data upto 4Gb and at the same time push the same data to Yuktix cloud for real time monitoring. You can see the real time data by logging in to Yuktix cloud based web-app or custom android app which we will built for you on demand from anywhere any time. Sampling rate can be changed as per requirement upto 1 sample per 10 second. YDLV1 comes with weather-proof enclosure, so it is well suited in highhumidity and temperature conditions.

Technical Specifications


Temperature, Humidity, Lux.
Channels for 3 extra sensors

Sensor Types

I2C, UART, Analog, SPI, 4-20 mAmp


Non-volatile Flash Memory-4GB

Sensor Sampling Rate

Every 12 seconds


2 line, 16 Character, Alphanumeric LCD
Android HMI available


IP56 Weatherproof enclosure with operating conditions of -25°C to 55°C and 99% humid conditions


Battery: 12 Volts, 1 Amps Adapter
Solar: 18W, 12 V, 7.5 AH
A/C: 230 V 50 Hz