Yuktix GreenSense is an off grid remote monitoring and analytics solution for agriculture. GreenSense nodes with dashboard provide an effective tool for monitoring and DPI (Disease, pest, and irrigation) management.

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24x7 monitoring of critical variables at your farm.



Next generation low power long range wireless solution. Drop and deploy ad hoc networks.

  Solar Powered

No sockets needed. Solar powered device with battery backup best suited for agriculture deployments.


Get soil, micro weather and water data from multiple locations. Connect to Yuktix ankiDB cloud using a data SIM card.


Generate daily, weekly and monthly reports with useful insights and actionable data.

  Satellite Image

NDVI and EVI images of your farm. Locate the hot spots.

  Disease Prediction

Run disease prediction models for your crop and take preventive measures.


Access all the sensors, satellite and analysis on a central dashboard. Let your farm talk to you.


Get alerts for weather change, Rain forecast or disease possibility via SMS and email.

  Weather Forecast

Plan your farming activities after looking at weather forecasts.

What Does It Look Like?

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How it Works

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Yuktix GreenSense is a 24x7 remote monitoring tools for your farms, plantations, fruit orchards, and Greenhouses. Out of the box, it comes with temperature, humidity, lux, leaf wetness, rain and soil moisture sensors. You can install one or create a network of GreenSense sensors with ease. Yuktix ankiDB cloud stores this data and helps you run reports, provide disease analysis, weather forecast, and satellite maps. Set alerts to be notified anytime, anywhere.

Case Studies


Chrysanthemum Greenhouse

Chrysanthemum require maintaining precise humidity range during shoot stage. The losses can be as high as 20% of the total crop. Yuktix GreenSense nodes from different chambers can send temperature and humidity data to a Yuktix controller to automatically turn on/off the sprinklers to control humidity.

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Tea Plantations

Tea is grown in places with hyperlocal weather. One field may be dry and the very next field may be drenched in rain. The pesticide spraying is done indiscriminately in absense of micro weather data and subsequent disease advisories. Yuktix GreenSense nodes with DPI provide directions for pesticide usage resulting in savings and disease prevention.

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GreenSense for Potato

Sensor Specifications


Resolution is +/- 0.04 (min) to max +/- 0.01.
Typical accuracy is +/- 0.3 (maximal is +/- 1.5) .
Repeatability is (+/-) 0.1 celsius.
Operating Range -40 to 123 Celsius.
Long term drift is < 0.04 Celsius/year.

Relative Humidity

Resolution is 0.4 (min), 0.05 (typical) and 0.05 (max) in percentage.
Accuracy is (+/-) 2% (typical) to maximal +/- 4%.
Repeatability is +/- 0.1%.
Response time is 8 seconds.
Operating Range 0-100% RH.
Long term drift is < 0.5 RH%/year.

Leaf wetness

Measurement time 10 ms
Operating environment: -10°C to 60°C
No Painting required
Detects presence or absence of wetness

Soil Moisture and Temperature

Range: Dielectric permittivity 1-80
can be calibrated for mineral soil, Potting soil, Rockwool and perlite
Temperature -40 to 50C with resolution 0.1C
50-110C with resolution 0.5C
Accuracy: +/- 1 from 1-40, +/- 15% from 40-80
Resolution: dielectric permittivity : 0.1 from 1-20, < 0.75 from 20-80
temperature: 0.1C