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About idea2poc grant

The Idea2PoC is a scheme of Dept. of IT, BT and S&T, Govt. of Karnataka. The scheme enables technology innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue a promising technology idea, and validate proof of concept (POC). It is expected that innovators and entrepreneurs advance an idea closer to commercialization in the form of creation of start-up companies, technology licenses or become venture ready.

About Yuktix technologies

Yuktix is a Government of India registered startup and a registered MSME (micro and small manufacturing entity) based out of Bangalore, Karnataka that is developing an IoT platform for agriculture monitoring and risk management.

Wireless sensor network for agriculture monitoring grant

yuktix received a grant for developing wireless sensor network for agriculture monitoring idea into a viable PoC (proof of concept). What is the need for creating this technology for agriculture sector and what is the commercial viability? We have put together a position paper to answer that question

The TL;DR version is that we see agriculture prcatitioners not having access to even basic data about the environment in which they are operating. Digital systems for agriculture cannot be created without the availablity of a 24x7 networked data acquisition system. However the current equipments are not affordable and have not been designed to operate in a off-grid network environment. The need is to create an affordable sensor system that is suitable to operate in agriculture environment (without a power socket) to provide critical climate, soil and water data.


Tranche Goals Status
Tranche ‐ I
  1. Development of Low Power sensor device that can operate on mobile size battery for 6 months
  2. Demonstration of Low power sensor device with Temperature and Humidity sensor. Data will be collected and shown on a laptop
  3. Packaging of sensor device in a professional Package
completed. Read the tranche-1 report here
Tranche ‐ II
  1. Low power battery operated sensor nodes interfacing with GSM gateway
  2. Demonstrate viewing sensor device data from anytime anywhere using a DATA SIM card
  3. Software for collecting and displaying data
  4. Start field deployment at Indian Institute of Horticulture research
completed. Read the tranche-2 report here
Tranche ‐ III
  1. Prepare sensing devices for real world deployment in 2 more places. Incorporate feedback from IIHR deployment.
  2. Cloud software for disease analyis and advisories.
  3. Demonstration of 3 real world deployments with 24x7 continuous monitoring using sensors and data in public domain
completed. Read the tranche-3 report here    see data from live stations    see disease analysis and advisories for grape and potato.

Live stations



Hirehalli setup has battery operated sensor devices inside a greenhouse to monitor dragon fruit crop. The battery operated sensors inside the green house relay data to a solar powered router on a local 865 MHz network. The router sends the data to cloud using a DATA SIM card.

Live Station1 Live Station2
SVG Illustration


The Channapatana setup is in an agriculture field. The station is measuring soil moisture, temperature, humidity and rain data continuously.

Live Station
SVG Illustration


Chikaballapur is a demonstration of yuktix greensense device at a floriculture site. The station is installed near a protected cultivation site. The station is measuring outside variables as well.

Live Station
SVG Illustration

Disease analyis and advisories


Live demonstration of downey mildew prediction for grapes. click here to view details


Live demonstration of late blight prediction for potatos. click here to view details


Feedback and next steps

We would love to hear your feedback. Please drop a line to our email id, or call us on 88843 15300 . We are looking for domain experts and agronomists who can help us connect the digital platform to more use cases.

Yuktix is a Government of India registered startup and a registered MSME (micro and small manufacturing entity) based out of Bangalore, Karnataka that is developing an IoT platform for agriculture monitoring and risk management.


Here we would like to acknowledge the role of many people, companies and organizations that made this work possible. We would not have managed to come this far without the help we received. We would like to express our gratitude to them. Here they are, in no particular order

  1. Government of Karnataka and KBITS (Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science &Technology)
    Karnataka remains at the forefront of startup eco system in India with progressive policies and a real willingness to nurture the eco system. We are extremely grateful to the members of KBITS staff for the help extended for our project as well as beyond it.
  2. Mr. Umesh C Bagur General Manager, KAPPEC. Karnataka State Agriculture produce processing and export corporation limited, Hubli.
  3. Dr. sridhar Gutam and Dr Karunakarn from Indian institute of horticulture research, an ICAR institute
  4. Ashish Gupta, corporate office, ITC Agri division
  5. Kanal sebastian, Mecon engineering, Bangalore
  6. Gulzar Farms, Chikaballapur