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How we collect data

  • Rain data is captured by a tipping bucket with 0.2mm resolution. During a 3 minute interval we count the total number of tips and transmit that data to server. Since we have data for every 3-minute interval it should be easy to see the intensity of rain and patterns over time.
    Limitations: if the rain count is not transferred during an interval then it will be transmitted as part of next interval. Rain less than resolution will (0.2mm) will not be measured.
  • wind speed is in miles per hour. we sample wind speed every 15 second. The instrument returns the number of revolutions counted in that 15 second interval. revolutions / 15 second is the speed during that sample interval. if the wind speed is > 0 then it is added to a cumulative average during 3 minute period. Every 3rd minute the wind speed CMA is transmitted to the server.
  • Soil dielectric permittivity is sampled every 3 minutes. From dielectric permittivity, we can calculate soil volumetric water content using e.g. Topp's equation. we provide a large number of samples (> 180) per day.
  • Soil temperature is sampled every 3 minutes. The depth of probe depends on a particular Installation.
  • Pressure graphs shows variation over the minimum recorded during the interval.
  • Temperature, Relative humidity and Pressure are sampled every 15 second. We calculate cumulative moving average (CMA) for 12 samples to reduce jitters. This CMA at the end of 12 samples (roughly 3 minutes) is transmitted to the server.